Kitsap Peninsula Facility & Event Coalition - February 2012

The KPFEC is a joint effort by Kitsap Peninsula Visitor & Convention Bureau, the Kitsap Public Facilities District, and Kitsap County, to 1) inventory the wide variety of meeting venues and facilities; 2) jointly determine, with the assistance of the facility owner/operators, more effective ways to market and capture larger events for Kitsap County; and 3) determine what future venues and facilities might be built to increase the chance of capturing major events in years to come.

There have been a couple of "surveys" or "inventories" that have been done in the past. One done in 1996 led to the formation of the Kitsap PFD. Here is the latest one, done in 2006 and on file in the County GIS map library:

Link to PDF of Sports Facilities in Kitsap County -

Suggested timeline for KPFEC meetings:

March: determine scope of invitee list; hold  organizational meetings.

April: 1st meeting of coalition group - announce website to enter/modify facility/venue data; discuss how to take advantage of media and marketing opportunities ; select sub-group "captains" to lead tourism segment discussions; discuss tourism events from RT2 and ideas to promote them.

May: Flesh out list of venues and owner/operators; publish initial list of venues and facilities; begin coordination plan to maximize response to inquiries; determine methodology for marketing study; seek funding to send out RFP (County, PFD?); check accuracy and completeness of database.

June: Use Babe Ruth World Series as a "case study"; identify venues & opportunities to entertain non-playing teams & families; plan to collect results of coordinated effort to maximize positive experience for visiting teams, coaches, parents, press, etc.

July: Begin market study for possible new venues; measure results from event inquiries to VCB or others; determine hits & misses and why.

August: Survive or thrive with Babe Ruth World Series; only 10 days, what else is going on and how to capitalize and make work; look for where we missed opportunities and where we were right on.

September: hits & misses and lessons learned from Babe Ruth World Series; look at improvements for next season; design a campaign for corporate retreats; weddings and events like writers and book readings for the winter.

October: Examine results of market study for next step in what facilities are needed in Kitsap and what to do about it.

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